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Our Epic Tale of Adventure...

This epic journey may have started in 2017 – but ours is a business that has been brewed to perfection over decades.

The ‘brewtiful’ tale can be traced back to the days of Weston’s famed RCH Brewery, where quality was key and beers were lovingly brewed to be the best.

Mark Davey, Graham Dunbavan and Dave Turner were among the team whose work gained the brewery its unrivalled reputation and rave reviews from real beer lovers. 

It was only when RCH went in to liquidation in 2017 that a new business plan and chapter started brewing.

The trio’s determination that the much-loved beers developed at RCH didn’t die with the old brewery was ‘ale’ the motivation they needed – and so Epic Beers was born!

Having managed to snap up the original brewing equipment, the team quickly got down to producing the same epic beers from the same landmark site.

Those beers – which make up the popular Pitchfork Ales range – are all made using traditional, time-tested methods developed over 30 years which remain firm favourites among real beer lovers the country wide.

The addition of fellow Director Dave Turner was a smooth move for the business – and has led to the launch of Epic’s 3D beers – a range at the cutting edge of cult craft beer which uses modern techniques and international ingredients to produce exciting flavours that have become popular with new and old beer fans alike.

Headed up by the trio with more than 65 years’ experience between them, the brewery now produces up to 30 different beers each year and ciders that are sold in over 200 venues up and down the UK.

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And so, to 2020, and our epic journey has brought us here…

Covid-19 has done its worst to burst the bubble of the brewery business – shutting down pubs and cutting off our main route to market.

But ever the ‘hoptimists’ we weren’t going to let a little thing like that get in our way. You guys need your beer fix and you better beer-lieve it that nothing’s going to stop us getting it for you.

Left with almost 1,000 casks of ale when lockdown was launched back in March – and no venues open to taken them – our brewery had to come up with a Plan B.

And if you couldn’t get your pints at the pub – then we made it our mission to bring them to you.

Fresh beer is the best beer. It’s as simple as that. So the key was finding a way to provide your favourite, freshly-tapped and dispatched craft ales to pass the Covid pandemic straight to your door – wherever you are in the UK.

And with the introduction of Beer Drive-thru we’ve done just that. Our bag-in-a-box beer is the closest to a freshly-tapped pub pint you’ll get – and you get to enjoy it from the comfort of your own home.

How’s that for a hoppy ending to a bonkers year, eh?

Our most famous brew - Pitchfork Golden Ale

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