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Weston Pride says ‘Cheers!’ to its own craft beer


Weston Pride says ‘Cheers!’ to its own craft beer


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‘Weston Pride’ returns to Grove Park at the end of this month for the sixth year running and for the first time ever, the event will feature a range of craft beers as well as its very own exclusively branded craft beer.

‘#LoveWins’ is a unique hashtag adopted by ‘Weston Pride’ as a statement that encourages love for all, regardless of gender or identity and as such was the natural choice as the brand for the official craft beer of the weekend-long event. Produced by local brewery, 3D Beer. It will be served during the Pride weekend at the bar being sponsored and operated by ‘Proud Bar’, Weston’s only LGBT+ venue where the beer was launched this week with the help of local drag queen ‘Foxxy’.

Talking about Pride, the ‘Proud Bar’ team were collective in expressing their delight, “We’re really excited about the offering for this year, a big range of gins and cocktails will now be complimented for the first time, by a range of modern craft beers and having our own #LoveWins beer helps to put our Pride event on the map as one of the most forward thinking and innovative Prides in the country”

As well as the ‘Weston Pride’ branded beer, West Hewish based 3D Beer have sponsored part of the official ‘After Party’ being held at The Wintergardens on the Saturday night by providing 100 bottles of exclusively branded craft beer for the VIP attendees.

“What #LoveWins stands for is what craft beer is all about, wholly inclusive and just as diverse as life” said 3D Beer’s Director, Dave Turner, “What better way to bring people together to support the LGBT+ community than over a beer? We’re super proud to be associated with Weston Pride and Proud Bar and to help the whole weekends celebrations be a massive success!”

‘Weston Pride’ takes place Saturday 27th and Sunday 28th July in Grove Park, Weston-super-Mare, more information and tickets are available from


Proud Bar, Weston-super-Mare


Weston Pride

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Our Beer and Music Festival is back for 2019!

‘Brews, Blues & Barbecues’, our family friendly beer and music festival is back for 2019 and it’s even bigger and better! Saturday 13th July sees our brewery transformed in to a festival for the day with five awesome live acts, bouncy castle and kids entertainment, wide beer selection, Pimms, gins and Prosecco bar and just the most fabulous barbecued food you can imagine!

Come along and join the party, kids get in free of charge and have free soft drinks all day, adult tickets are only £9 and include a free drink too!

Get your tickets now by clicking here!

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Oh my God! Santa’s Coming! I know him! I know him!

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We get as excited about Christmas as Buddy the Elf does! And son of a nutcracker have we created a stonker of a beer for you for this year!

As Christmas is a time of various fruits and chocolate (as well as copious amounts of beer of course!) we combined the two by producing an amber gold beer with slight hints of chocolate that combine beautifully with the citrus notes so well loved from the Citra and Simcoe hops.

You have to try some or you could well be a cotton headed ninny muggins! Going out to pubs week commencing 26th November, it’s 4.3% in strength meaning you can enjoy a few and just smile – we like smiling, it’s our favourite thing!

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We get one of the worlds best known beers back in cask first! (Sorry BrewDog!)

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Just this month (October 2018), BrewDog published their blueprint on what they’re getting up to over the next 12 months, and one big revelation in there was their return to putting beer in cask. Now, if that doesn’t seem like a revelation to you, then you must have been living in a cave for the past ten years!

A little history… Pretty much a decade ago, BrewDog announced they’d be abandoning cask in favour of craft keg, their mission of getting more people drinking great beer from craft keg was to be better served by doing so, and I think everyone can agree, they’ve done an awesome job of it. Beer drinkers opinion of BrewDog can be polarising but no matter what you think of them, they’ve done a great job of getting more people excited about beer – and we thank them and doff our cap to them (if we were wearing one).

So now in October 2018, announcing that their Session Pale Ale, “Dead Pony Club” will be packaged in cask for their Draft House bars and carefully selected partners, is something to get excited about. We like what BrewDog have done and love the mission they’re on – we’re aligned beautifully with it, so we thought we’d give them a hand with it.

Since we both want more people to be drinking awesome beer, we figured that there’s a whole load of other venues out there that might like “Dead Pony Club” in cask that unfortunately won’t be able to access it – so we brewed it for them!

Yep, we downloaded their recipe for “Dead Pony Club” (they ‘opensourced’ their recipes some time back), scaled it up to our brew length, brewed it, tweaked the name to “Dead Phoney Club” and now it’s going out to pubs from 29th October – approximately two weeks before their Draft House bars will get it! It’s a one time brew so numbers are strictly limited.

BrewDog – we hope you don’t mind, it’s a tribute to what you’ve achieved and sharing what you’ve created with more people, all whilst having some good fun and being a bit cheeky along the way. If you fancy popping down to our brewery sometime soon, come and enjoy a pint with us!

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BANNED! Our latest beer ruffles some feathers!

Our latest beer has “offended” some people, and you know what, we couldn’t give a flying one.

“If you’re offended, it’s your problem” said Salman Rushdie, it may sound on the brash side, he’s right though isn’t he? In today’s world there’s far too many people getting offended over far too little, or even being offended on behalf of someone else. So let’s get this straight – being offended is a choice. If you’re offended by something then check what choices you’re making, it’s downright arrogant to think that because you choose to be offended by something then someone else should modify what they’re doing in order to please (unless of course it’s a direct, purposeful attempt to offended or upset, but that’s a whole different scenario).

We wanted a hero beer, so we brewed a particularly awesome Mid-West IPA, 7.5% ABV, golden, hoppy, sweet – just a damn fine beer. We didn’t give a flying one about the budget (the ingredients were nearly three times the amount we spend on some of other beers), we just wanted an awesome beer and that’s what we did. We’ve had days, just like anyone else on the planet where it hasn’t gone to plan and when it comes down to giving a flying one about anything, you’re empty, nothing more to give – and so we called our wonderful new beer, “Zero Fux” – an exquisitely crafted beer for when you no longer give a flying one.

CAMRA didn’t like this though.

We’d submitted it as our beer to be included on the Locale bar at Bristol Beer Festival, our largest local festival and offered them the beer completely free of charge in exchange for a full page advert in the programme (fairly standard practice). We received communication back that “there have been some objections and concerns about the Zero Fux name and advert”.

We were even asked if the name was “set in stone” – surely a consumer group wouldn’t be asking us to rename our beer and influence how we choose to market our products? All of this under the guise that “CAMRA has a new policy barring beers with ‘rude or offensive’ names from being sold at festivals” and that the festival committee had been asked to debate it.

For your delectation and delight, here’s the advert we’d submitted…

Clearly, we needed a heads up on this policy and requested it from two different contacts at Bristol CAMRA, however, neither of them could actually find a copy. Interesting. So before a decision was to be made about whether our awesome beer would get to show itself off at Bristol Beer Festival, an email request went in to CAMRA. A lovely fellow called Tom Stainer, Head of Communications at CAMRA, sent back the following information…

I’ve included the statement that the National Executive issued at the end of last year.

As you’ll appreciate, this isn’t a policy which can easily documented, and relies on both festival organisers to make a judgement on beer names or artwork, and producers making their own judgement about what has the potential to cause offence.

The National Executive is developing further guidance for branches to help work with producers to discourage them from marketing products using discriminatory or potentially offensive material – we’re hoping more detailed information will be sent out within the next few months.

Oh. So there isn’t actually a documented policy on this – that explains why no one could send one to me. Furthermore, the statement was purely about inclusivity and ensuring that beer names and marketing are not discriminatory to anyone on the basis of their gender, race, sexuality and so on (incidentally, we do agree with this). Clearly, our beer doesn’t discriminate, much like “bad days” don’t discriminate.

Bristol CAMRA felt they needed some more guidance on this – well, with no actual policy to refer to and just the fact that some of them were offended by the name, they didn’t know what to do, so off it went to CAMRA Head Office – get us, having our new beer discussed at CAMRA HQ – we do feel quite honoured now! The message that came back though was clear…  CAMRA “cannot be seen to be associated with the launch of a beer with such a name” and that was from the very haughty position of National Director, Nik Antona.

CAMRA want more people to drink the finest quality beer, we do too, and that’s why we like CAMRA (despite all of this, we don’t hold a grudge) – the way we position our brand and the inspiration we draw for our beers appeals to those who are not “traditional” beer drinkers, it is attractive to a younger market and in this faster paced world, we need a product that is edgier and on point with the target market. The majority of CAMRA members are not the specific target market and as such they should have looked at this objectively as a brand and marketing appealing to a particular demographic rather than what THEY would want to see, or what they get “offended” by.

I won’t go in to any detail about them allowing a beer to be at the festival that shares it’s name with a sex toy though – they missed that one didn’t they?!

Anyway, the beer loving Bristolians and wider beer drinking community weren’t going to get their taste buds round our new (very delicious!) beer. Sorry guys, we tried.

They asked if we would like to submit another beer and we toyed with the idea of telling them to sling their hook. However, in the interests of wanting more people to drink our beer, we submitted “The Dude”,  our 5.5% pale amber IPA, along with new artwork for the advert…

They didn’t like that. At all.

We were a tad bemused because after all, the advert states a fact, they had banned our wonderful beer from the beer festival – maybe they were embarrassed that they’re bit “fuddy duddy” and that they didn’t want the decision made public? I don’t know, whatever was behind it though, they didn’t like it with some of their committee saying we should be thrown out of the festival altogether (including our sister brand Pitchfork Ales).

Here’s the wording that got their knickers / pants / other under garments in a twist…

We’d even put a little warning on it as a token gesture to ensure their patrons would only check it out if they felt they could. It seems though, that despite it being a factual statement with no opinion or comment, that they just wouldn’t run the ad. Even suggesting we were poking fun at the volunteers for marketing purposes (forgive us for thinking that an advert should grab attention and drive prospects to our website).

Biting our tongues and chilling out on a pint or two, we offered them an olive branch of tweaking the wording slightly…

We sat on tenter hooks awaiting the final decision (we didn’t really, we had some amazing ideas on what to do next!) – and then it did – they were fine to run the ad finally! Perhaps they felt that any consequence of their decision was deflected back to national CAMRA with this wording, regardless, it meant that “The Dude” would be in Bristol and the ad would be in the programme.

“Zero Fux” is shocking, we don’t believe it’s offensive though and overwhelming consensus from those we speak to is that they love the name. In order to get noticed in an incredibly crowded marketplace breweries have to be more creative, they have to appeal to more and more niche markets – look at some of the marketing stunts performed by BrewDog. If someone is offended by it then they’re probably not the target and that’s fine, if you’re not our target market then your opinion on the brand is irrelevant.

If we’d called that beer “Hewish Gold” or “Somerset Strong Ale” then I’m sure there’d be a wide acceptance by CAMRA of it but we can guarantee it wouldn’t sell like it is and it wouldn’t appeal to our target. CAMRA have done an awesome job of promoting real ale but their current revitalisation project is long overdue. They need to be up to date, they need to accept that there will be brands and marketing that some of them just don’t like and that they’re not the “Beer Police”.  Yes, ensure that beer is inclusive and not discriminating against a section of humanity, we agree with that because we want everyone to be drinking awesome beer, but just because someone with a more traditional outlook has made a choice to be offended it doesn’t mean it shouldn’t run. As a brewery, if we let organisations like CAMRA dictate how we should brand ourselves and our beers we will have a bleak landscape of samey samey boring beers. Craft breweries have never been more innovative, both in terms of product and marketing, to let an aging, out of touch organisation dictate how breweries position themselves and their products would be detrimental to CAMRA’s own mission of getting more people to drink great beer.

Despite the fact that CAMRA didn’t want you to have our beer, you can get yours easily, just click here to buy a can now




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The Dude Abides…

Cult craft beer is all about being in the know, being a part of the cult and there’s an exclusive club of films that deserve the label of “cult”, one of the most popular of those though is “The Big Lebowski”!

Jeff Bridges and John Goodman in the cult classic from 1998 litter the screen with amazing quotes, and with a Polish derived name, it seemed the perfect fit for our latest beer, a 5.5%  amber brew using Polish hops, Junga and Pulawski. The hops known for their duality of spicy and fruity qualities have been combined with four different malts – Maris Otter Pale Ale, Caramalt, Amber and Crystal – have married together to create something really quite special.

We nearly called the beer, “The Big Pulawski” but found it a bit of a mouthful when speaking to customers on the phone and even more of a problem to spell or expect consumers to pronounce when ordering it at the bar, so we opted for none other than “The Dude” or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

It’s only a small batch brew we’re doing of this one and will be available in cask only to start with, kegs and cans will be later.

Make sure you grab some when you see it!

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I feel the need, a need for…


North American hops are known for the vibrance of flavour and wonderfully fragrant aromas, and when it comes to our second brew, we’re using the best of the best, which of course meant we had to pay homage to our favourite fighter jet movie!

“Hop Gun” is crafted using lager malt for a lighter golden colour, just like our trans-atlantic cousins do, The malt’s wing men are three varieties of awesome American hops – Citra, Centennial and a dash of Cascade in the copper to provide big flavour and fragrance and then dry-hopping in the fermenter with more Cascade to provide an aroma that hits your senses at mach speed! This baby flies in to battle at 4.8% ABV so you can enjoy this beer without the need for any kind of g-force suit!

Obviously best consumed whilst playing beach volleyball but if you’re here in the UK with us, perhaps just enjoy at your local bar! As ever, this is going to be available in 30 litre kegs (LIVE!), 40 litre casks with 330ml cans following shortly.

Take this brew home, or lose it forever!

Find out more about “Hop Gun” here!

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Beer geeks unite – first brew!

Knock knock brewer, knock knock brewer, knock knock brewer! It’s a brew day and the clever little action figures are in the brewhouse doing their thing!

Four genius hops are coming together to create our first brew – Beer-zinga! Yes, you all know what it’s referencing and we know you love it, we love it too! So if you’re a proper beer geek, like us, then this is going to be right up your street!

For this brew, we’re using Dr Rudi hops from New Zealand (well, there had to be a Doctor of some description in there didn’t there?), Wakatu, also from New Zealand, Olicana from the UK and Styrian Wolf from Slovenia (if that’s not a nerdy gaming handle somewhere we’ll eat our own pants!). We’re using pale ale malt and giving it a little heady lift up at 5.0% – not too strong to be as overbearing as a bore at a party, but enough to bring even the most shy of any nerd out of his shell!

It’ll be available in 30litre kegs as LIVE beer – we’re not filtering or pasteurising this, so it will be keg conditioned, also available in 40 litre casks and at some point soon in 330ml cans too.

It’s obligatory to exclaim “Beer-zinga!” when chugging this beer with mates by the way, we will be checking!

Fine out more about “Beer-zinga!” here

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We’re alive!

Not so much a natural birth as the coming together and bastardisation of a few warped minds!

We’re here to create some awesome beers in our own style – enjoyable, drinkable beer that is unpretentious in what it does, unapologetic in the way it does it and a master of providing entertainment along the way!

This is going to be an epic journey with some awesome beers – probably the odd law suit too but hey, if you’re upsetting someone, it means you’re doing something right!

Come and join us on our journey as we create true craft beer that is designed to be imbibed!

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