Award Winning Beer Writer to take part in the Live Stream!

We’re super excited to announce that award winning journalist and beer writer, Adrian Tierney-Jones will be joining us on the festival live stream on the evening of 8th May!

Adrian will be talking all things beer with our brewer and taking part in an interactive Q&A with you, our wonderful festival guests!

Adrian wrote the infamous book, “1001 Beers to try before you die” in which both ‘Old Slug’ and ‘East Street Cream’ are featured!

Find out more about Adrian here: https://twitter.com/ATJbeer

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A Definitive Guide to Cask Ale

Historically, Britain can stake its claim alongside Belgium, the Czech Repub-lic and Germany as one of the most influential brewing countries in the world.
But despite the influence of British brewing being profound around the globe, we now import twice as much as we export.
And with American hop-driven mass produced lagers being imported in their droves there’s a sense that the ‘British’ is getting lost from the beer.
There’s one area where truly traditional British brewing still survives – hope-fully soon to once again really thrive – and that is cask ale.
If you were ever looking for a beer type that required the most precise and careful handling, that was resistant to any form of mass scale-up, that balks at being bottled, that is sensitive to the environment – and only remains in its most perfect form for days – then cask ale is it.

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