Beers From Around The World: How Do Our Tastes Vary Across The Globe?

Do you prefer lager or ale? Do you prefer pilsner beer or dark stout? There are many different types of beer. Each has its own taste, smell, and characteristics. Fortunately, the different types of beer are not all that different from one another either. In fact, when you look at the beers in terms of their country of origin, there is quite a bit in common between them.



Germany is known for their lagers. Some of their more popular beers include Paulaner Hefe-Weissbier, Hacker-Pschorr Bräu Kölsch, and Augustiner Lagerbier. Nearly half of all beer consumed in Germany is lager beer.

Germany also has a strong brewing tradition. It is estimated that there are over 1,300 breweries in Germany. Most of them are small and local. The most common beers are pale lagers known as pilsners.

The beer purity law of 1516 stated that all beer should be made from only four ingredients: water, barley, hops, and yeast. This kept the price of beer down and helped create the first great German beer industry. In addition to the purity law, there was also a rule that the town breweries had to brew according to local tastes so there were many different recipes for each town or region.



Japan is one of the largest beer producers in the world. They produce an enormous amount of barley malt, and they also brew several different types of beer. The most popular type is called Shōchū, or “soju.” This type of beer is distilled and then mixed with various herbs and liquids to create unique flavours. 

Another type of beer is called Sake and is brewed from rice. Sake is often called “rice wine” because it is fermented and has a higher alcohol content than beer. Sake is usually served warm or hot, but it can also be served chilled.

The Japanese love their rice, and they love beer too. Combine these two things, and you have a carbohydrate-rich drink that will make the Japanese very happy. The Japanese are very proud of their brewing tradition, and they are always looking for new ways to improve it. They have collaborated with other countries to brew their beer styles in other countries.


United States

It is no secret that the United States loves their beer. The country is home to some of the most popular and successful breweries in the world. The three largest breweries in the United States are Budweiser, Bud Light, and Coors Light. For those who enjoy a darker beer, there are several types to choose from. 

The most popular lager is somewhat unoriginally known as ‘American Lager’. A style that is a little bit lighter than the American Lager is known as American Pale Lager. This beer is a bit lighter than the German original but still has a malty flavour to it. Another lighter beer is known as American Amber Lager, which has a little bit less malt flavour than the American Lager. The last lighter beer is known as American Light Lager, which is the lightest of all the beers. This beer has a very light flavour to it and is often served with a slice of lemon or lime.

The United States also has several types of ales to choose from. The most popular ale in the United States is known as American Pale Ale, which has a hoppy flavour to it. Another ale that is popular in the United States is known as American Amber Ale, which has a more malty flavour to it. The last ale that is popular in the United States is known as American Brown Ale, which has a somewhat nutty flavour to it.

The United States also offers several types of stouts and porters for those who enjoy darker beers. The most popular stout in the United States is known as American Stout, which has a very strong coffee-like flavour to it. Another popular offering is known as the American Porter, which has a chocolate-like flavour to it. And finally, the Imperial Stout also has a cult following due to its stronger coffee-like flavour.



Belgium is a country known for its ales. The most popular type of ale is dark ale and is called Belgian Strong Dark Ale. For those who enjoy lighter beers, there are several lighter types of ale. The most popular of these is wits or witbier, which is a light wheat ale. The name of this beer comes from the fact that it is made with unmalted wheat.

There are also other types of Belgian ales, such as lambics and fruit beers. Lambics are a type of beer that is fermented with wild yeast and bacteria in oak barrels. Fruit beers use fruits or fruit juice to flavour the beer.

Belgium has a long history of brewing ales, which dates back to the Middle Ages when monks brewed ales as part of their daily life. The monks were not allowed to drink alcohol, so they used their brewing skills for their own enjoyment instead of for profit. Today, Belgium is still known for its excellent ales and is one of the top exporters in Europe of this type of beer.



The Russian people enjoy a lot of different types of beer with one of the most popular types being ‘Russian Porter’. This is a dark beer that is heavy in malt flavour. For those who enjoy lighter beers, there is a popular type of lager called Russian Standard. It is a little lighter than the porter style. 

Russian kvas is very similar to the German weissbier. In fact, kvas was originally brewed by the Germans in Russia. During the time of the Russian Empire, kvas was very popular. However, as the popularity of kvas faded with time, it became harder and harder to find. Nowadays, kvas is only available in certain regions of Russia.

People in the country love drinking kvas because it is a very traditional drink. It is also very cheap. A large bottle of kvas can be purchased for around $1. In fact, kvas has a long history and has been consumed by Russians for many generations. It is a drink that is slowly fermented and typically takes a month to ferment before it is consumed.



India has about 1,300 breweries. However, beer drinking is not very common in India. The most popular brew in the country is Kingfisher beer.

Sadly there are very few good-quality brews in the Indian market. Most of the beer brands in India are sub-standard and because of this, beer is not very popular in the country.

Despite the low consumption of beer in the country, India is currently the 11th largest producer of beer in the world. The main producers of beer in the country are Punjab, Karnataka, Andhra Pradesh and Goa. 



Mexico is a country that has a lot in common with Germany. They are known for their lagers, and they also produce some dark beers. The most popular beer in Mexico is called Corona. This is a light lager that is a hybrid between the European lager and the American lager. The beer is light and crisp, and it has a nice flavour. It is also very affordable, which makes it a good choice for people who are on a budget.

The most popular dark beer in Mexico is called Negra Modelo. This is a dark lager that has a lot of flavour. It has a nice roasted malt taste that comes from the use of caramel malts in the brewing process. The beer also has some fruity notes to it, which come from the use of hops during the brewing process. The beer is not as light as Corona, but it still goes down easy and does not have any harsh aftertaste or bitterness to it.

The other dark beers in Mexico are Dos Equis Amber and Sol Negro. These two beers are similar to Negra Modelo, but they have their own unique flavours as well. They are both very good beers that can be enjoyed by anyone who likes dark lagers or Mexican beer in general.



The Netherlands is best known for their ales. The most popular type of ales consumed in the Netherlands is strong ale. This is a strong and complex ale that is brewed with barley malt. The beer is then aged for a period of time which gives the beer a rich and full flavour.

The country also produces about 900 million litres of beer every year and has a strong brewing tradition. There are a large number of small breweries in the country, most of which produce only a few hundred litres of beer at a time. Some of the most well-known brands of Dutch beer are Heineken (which means “people’s beer” in Dutch), Gouda, Bavaria, Amstel, and Carlsberg. Every town has its own brewing company and there are many small breweries that can be visited.

As you can see, there is quite a bit that is in common between some of the most popular beers in the world. When you expand your horizons and try new types of beer, you will discover that there is quite a lot more variety than what is on tap at your local supermarket!

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