Beer geeks unite – first brew!

Knock knock brewer, knock knock brewer, knock knock brewer! It’s a brew day and the clever little action figures are in the brewhouse doing their thing!

Four genius hops are coming together to create our first brew – Beer-zinga! Yes, you all know what it’s referencing and we know you love it, we love it too! So if you’re a proper beer geek, like us, then this is going to be right up your street!

For this brew, we’re using Dr Rudi hops from New Zealand (well, there had to be a Doctor of some description in there didn’t there?), Wakatu, also from New Zealand, Olicana from the UK and Styrian Wolf from Slovenia (if that’s not a nerdy gaming handle somewhere we’ll eat our own pants!). We’re using pale ale malt and giving it a little heady lift up at 5.0% – not too strong to be as overbearing as a bore at a party, but enough to bring even the most shy of any nerd out of his shell!

It’ll be available in 30litre kegs as LIVE beer – we’re not filtering or pasteurising this, so it will be keg conditioned, also available in 40 litre casks and at some point soon in 330ml cans too.

It’s obligatory to exclaim “Beer-zinga!” when chugging this beer with mates by the way, we will be checking!

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