How it works…

At anytime, check out the Drive-Thru page to select which beer you would like and in what quantity, you can order in advance.

The Drive-Thru is open for collections 11am – 5pm every Thursday and 11am – 4pm every Friday

Place your order with us right here online, you can pay at the same time and book your “Click ‘n’ Collect” slot. Just head to the Drive-Thru now.

Note: If your preferred day or times are not showing, it’s because we are already fully booked for that day/time and you will have to select a different day/time – sorry!

Drive into the car park area at the brewery and park up.

Contactless pickup – someone will bring out your order to you and place it by your car then move away to create the responsible social distance.

You pick up your order and place it inside your car. If payment is to be made, the contactless terminal will be available for you to pay. You can then get on your way again.

Click here for a link to our location on Google Maps

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Enjoy your beer!

Problem collecting on the day? Call us on 07494 463371

Coronavirus Lock Down Information

The Drive Thru is operating in accordance with Government guidelines. Being able to book a slot for collection allows you to plan your visit to us to combine with any essential journey you have to make. We would ask that visiting us is done so as part of that and not a dedicated journey.

Your collection of the beer is to be contactless, our team member will leave the beer by your car door for you to pick up once they have moved away from the car.