I feel the need, a need for…


North American hops are known for the vibrance of flavour and wonderfully fragrant aromas, and when it comes to our second brew, we’re using the best of the best, which of course meant we had to pay homage to our favourite fighter jet movie!

“Hop Gun” is crafted using lager malt for a lighter golden colour, just like our trans-atlantic cousins do, The malt’s wing men are three varieties of awesome American hops – Citra, Centennial and a dash of Cascade in the copper to provide big flavour and fragrance and then dry-hopping in the fermenter with more Cascade to provide an aroma that hits your senses at mach speed! This baby flies in to battle at 4.8% ABV so you can enjoy this beer without the need for any kind of g-force suit!

Obviously best consumed whilst playing beach volleyball but if you’re here in the UK with us, perhaps just enjoy at your local bar! As ever, this is going to be available in 30 litre kegs (LIVE!), 40 litre casks with 330ml cans following shortly.

Take this brew home, or lose it forever!

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