Stay home, drink beer and save lives…

Today, we launch the worlds first real ale virtual beer festival!

Friday 8th May at 7pm, the festival is open and you can enjoy a hiigh quality range of beers right in your lounge whilst enjoying the live stream music. We’re able to do this by putting together a carefully constructed plan of freshly tapping cask ale, packaging in to air tight pouches and dispatching via a specialist liquids courier overnight so the beer reaches you in perfect condition.

This means that beer lovers around the country can join in with this crazy exciting event!

It’s a work in progress – this has never been done before, we’re in new territory so it’s going to evolve over the two weeks or so before the festival, check back here for the latest news and announcements of the acts who will be performing and anybody joining us for beer chat on the exclusive live stream!

Get your order in now – this is going to be epic!

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