Cult craft beer is all about being in the know, being a part of the cult and there’s an exclusive club of films that deserve the label of “cult”, one of the most popular of those though is “The Big Lebowski”!

Jeff Bridges and John Goodman in the cult classic from 1998 litter the screen with amazing quotes, and with a Polish derived name, it seemed the perfect fit for our latest beer, a 5.5%  amber brew using Polish hops, Junga and Pulawski. The hops known for their duality of spicy and fruity qualities have been combined with four different malts – Maris Otter Pale Ale, Caramalt, Amber and Crystal – have married together to create something really quite special.

We nearly called the beer, “The Big Pulawski” but found it a bit of a mouthful when speaking to customers on the phone and even more of a problem to spell or expect consumers to pronounce when ordering it at the bar, so we opted for none other than “The Dude” or, uh, His Dudeness, or uh, Duder, or El Duderino if you’re not into the whole brevity thing.

It’s only a small batch brew we’re doing of this one and will be available in cask only to start with, kegs and cans will be later.

Make sure you grab some when you see it!

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Historically, Britain can stake its claim alongside Belgium, the Czech Repub-lic and Germany as one of the most influential brewing countries in the world.
But despite the influence of British brewing being profound around the globe, we now import twice as much as we export.
And with American hop-driven mass produced lagers being imported in their droves there’s a sense that the ‘British’ is getting lost from the beer.
There’s one area where truly traditional British brewing still survives – hope-fully soon to once again really thrive – and that is cask ale.
If you were ever looking for a beer type that required the most precise and careful handling, that was resistant to any form of mass scale-up, that balks at being bottled, that is sensitive to the environment – and only remains in its most perfect form for days – then cask ale is it.

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