We get one of the worlds best known beers back in cask first! (Sorry BrewDog!)

Just this month (October 2018), BrewDog published their blueprint on what they’re getting up to over the next 12 months, and one big revelation in there was their return to putting beer in cask. Now, if that doesn’t seem like a revelation to you, then you must have been living in a cave for the past ten years!

A little history… Pretty much a decade ago, BrewDog announced they’d be abandoning cask in favour of craft keg, their mission of getting more people drinking great beer from craft keg was to be better served by doing so, and I think everyone can agree, they’ve done an awesome job of it. Beer drinkers opinion of BrewDog can be polarising but no matter what you think of them, they’ve done a great job of getting more people excited about beer – and we thank them and doff our cap to them (if we were wearing one).

So now in October 2018, announcing that their Session Pale Ale, “Dead Pony Club” will be packaged in cask for their Draft House bars and carefully selected partners, is something to get excited about. We like what BrewDog have done and love the mission they’re on – we’re aligned beautifully with it, so we thought we’d give them a hand with it.

Since we both want more people to be drinking awesome beer, we figured that there’s a whole load of other venues out there that might like “Dead Pony Club” in cask that unfortunately won’t be able to access it – so we brewed it for them!

Yep, we downloaded their recipe for “Dead Pony Club” (they ‘opensourced’ their recipes some time back), scaled it up to our brew length, brewed it, tweaked the name to “Dead Phoney Club” and now it’s going out to pubs from 29th October – approximately two weeks before their Draft House bars will get it! It’s a one time brew so numbers are strictly limited.

BrewDog – we hope you don’t mind, it’s a tribute to what you’ve achieved and sharing what you’ve created with more people, all whilst having some good fun and being a bit cheeky along the way. If you fancy popping down to our brewery sometime soon, come and enjoy a pint with us!

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